Trans-Ili Alatau

is the ridge of the Northern Tien Shan with rich and beautiful nature. Every day, sightseeing routes pass through the Issyk Valley, towards the lake of the same name or further to the Turgen waterfalls. Patient tourists can keep going towards the Assy Plateau, an ideal place for stargazing. The lovers of extreme sports will certainly like rafting on a mountain and a full-flowing river.

Since 2020, the Issyk Winery has been developing wine tourism or enotourism, a new direction aimed at connoisseurs of good wines: walks through vineyards, the opportunity to go down to wine cellars, tasting, and, if desired, participation in harvesting.

The plans include the development of this direction and the introduction of Kazakhstan citizens to enotourism. In the autumn of 2020, the winery successfully held the first Harvest Festival in apple orchards. A warm, family event where the harvest is amicably harvested.

The older generation nostalgically recalls their youth in the USSR, when everyone spent a month in the fields. And children learn to get involved in work, develop cognition and learn to communicate with nature. You can take the harvested crop with you and enjoy juicy farm fruits at home for a long time.
The Harvest Festival is an annual event where guests can enjoy fresh mountain air, cooking over a campfire, horseback riding and, of course, a funny harvesting. An entertainment program for the whole day, a photo zone and animators for young guests will fill up and create a festive mood.

The plans include the following:

  • organization of guided tours to the winery and wine cellars
  • apple blossom festival
  • sports marathon in the gardens
  • ….and a lot of interesting ideas.